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If you have reached this website from the book by Mike Bradbury and Black Country Research, first of all let me thank you for purchasing my books.

As you are already aware, it's all about the story of the most prominent but defunct 60 football teams in Victorian England.

There are a limited (by the publisher) number of photographs in the book, but this website allows you to look at many other photos that didn't get down to the final 50 in the book.  If you are in posession of any similar photographs of defunct Midlands clubs from the 1870-1900 era, and you don't mind them being put up on this website (accredited to yourself or the copyright owner of course) then e-.mail your j.peg to me at



The website will be updated from time to time as new information or corrections come to light.

Further publications in the series are Lost Teams Of The North (2016) and

                                                     Lost Teams Of The South (2018) also by Mike Bradbury -

                                                     Red Lions-The History Of Bloxwich Strollers (2017)

                                                     Birth Of The Saddlers (Walsall FC early history) 2015


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These two Chesterfield clubs have confused and bewildered...
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Got it wrong bigtime in the book; ive put the ground on the...
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Although clearly not a Midlands team, I have always been...
02/05/2014 12:15
This Black Country club is my current obsession, and I am...
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